The Glaciers


This site has many navigation options:

Glacier List page:  All glaciers to be monitored in Phase I of the PTAAGMB project are listed alphabetically here. Clicking on an individual glacier listed below will take you to that page.

++ indicates a completed report, listed first.
*    indicates manually measured balances are available and compared with the PTAA model balance results.

Clicking on a Continent, above, will start you drilling into the site by Continent, Country, Region and Glacier.

Google Maps:  You can manipulate the maps and satellite images at the top of the page like any Google Map.  Hovering over or clicking on the glacier marker icons will provide additional information and a link to the related page.

Glacier List sidebar:  This is an heirarchical list of all regions and glaciers, color coded to indicate each level.  Scroll down to find maps of any region or reports of any glacier.

Take your time, find a glacier of interest to you and enjoy your visit.